About us

"SKM Groups" was started with a vision to solve complex engineering problems. SKM Engg is a subsidiary of SKM Groups spreading its branches in the field on Trading and Manufacturing of steel & its allied products. We also deal with supply of pulp wood to Paper Industries.

Kaliamoorthy Madhurayar

Chairman, SKM Groups
B.E. Mechanical Engg. (REC, Trichy)

KM is a mechanical engineer with a wide experience and knowledge in Quality Assurance with specialization in Non-Destructive testing. He is currently the Chairman of SKM Groups and also the CEO of SKM Engg.

Paridhi Subbaian Kaliamoorthy

Executive Director, SKM Engg
PhD Product Design [IISc, Bangalore] (Pursuing)

PSK is a mechanical engineer with experience and knowledge in Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing with specialization in AM (Additive Manufacturing). He is currently the Executive Director of SKM Engg.